Type: Ultrasonic Gas Meter

Model No.:USM Series

USM Series Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter G2.5-G65 is the smart meter that adopts TOF (Time of Speed) principle to measure flow velocity of gas medium, with built-in temperature & pressure (≥G6) compensation and smart software algorithm, consumed gas volume can be calculated and displayed on meter’s screen.
Optional GPRS or NB-IoT wireless communication allows reading gas volume and arranging top-up remotely. Gas leakage check system realized by built-in shut-off valve can guarantees user safety by automatically cutting off gas supply in case of inconspicuous leakage.
USM series are widely applied for natural gas metering in residential, commercial and industrial fields.

• PCT patent for ultrasonic gas flow meter module
• Built-in temperature and pressure (≥G6) compensation
• Class 1.5 accuracy with intelligent software algorithm for air, 100% CH4, H1 and different natural gases
• Anti-contamination, long-term stability of accuracy
• Digital display for cumulative gas volume, instant flow rate, temperature, work mode, etc.
• Built-in shut-off valve for stopping gas supply in case of error conditions
• No moving part, no mechanical wear that leads to degradation of accuracy, no maintenance cost;
• No magnetic induction elements, free from magnetic field effect
• Small size, light weight, easy installation
• Compliant to OIML R137 and MID
• GPRS and NB-IoT optional


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