Type: Greenhouse Gas Emission Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-3000GHG

Cubic-Ruiyi (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cubic sensor) independently developed Gasboard 3000GHG greenhouse gas emission analyzer. Adoptting the independent intellectual property rights of Micro flow NDIR dual-chamber sensor technology (international PCT patent PCT/CN2018100767),  Cubic-Ruiyi portable greenhouse gas emission analyzer Gasboard 3000GHG can accurately measure the greenhouse gases concentration change of CO2, CH4, N2O etc and CO gas in flue gas at the same time. The range can be as low as 200ppm, the accuracy can be as high as 1%F.S.. Besides it has strong resistance to gas cross interference and low drift.   At the same time, for high concentration of CO2 and high range CO measurement, NDIR gas sensor technology sensor modules with intellectual property rights are optional for flexible configuration. Good stability, small size and low cost.

1. One analyzer can simultaneously and continuously measure up to five gases such as CO2, CH4, N2O, CO and O2; 
2. CO2, CH4, N2O, CO can choose the patented Microflow NDIR technology, the range can be as low as 200ppm, accuracy up to 1%F.S.; 
3. Small drift, anti-moisture interference, good long-term stability;
4. Dual beam NDIR technology can be used to measure CO2 and CO for flexible collocation for medium and high concentration measurement requirements;
5. Both digital and analog signal output functions, simple data management;

Measuring components CO2, CH4, N2O, CO, O2
Measuring Principle Micro-flow NDIR CO2/CH4/N2O/CO
Dual beam NDIR CO2(high range), CO(Middle or high range)
Measurement range CO2 Micro-flow NDIR: Range 0-500ppm, resolution: 1ppm
Micro-flow NDIR: Range 20%, resolution: 0.01%
Dual beam NDIR: Range 25%-100%, resolution: 0.01%
CH4 Range: 1000ppm, resolution: 1ppm
N2O Range: 500ppm, resolution: 1ppm
CO Micro-flow NDIR: Range 200-500ppm, resolution: 1ppm
Dual beam NDIR: Range 1-5%, resolution: 0.001%
O2 Range 0-25%, resolution: 0.01%
Measurement Precision Micro-flow NDIR measurement CO2/CH4/N2O/CO: ±1%F.S.
Dual beam NDIR measurement CO2/CO: ±2%F.S.
Electrochemical measurement O2: ±2%F.S.
Repeatability ≤±1%
Response Time T90 <25s
Flow rate (0.7-1.2)L/min
Inlet gas pressure (2-50)kPa
Output signal RS485/RS232, 4-20mA
Sample gas requirement Water remove(non condensing), dust filter (1μm or smaller)
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Diagnosis Function Equipped with self-diagnosis function to check sensor status

Thermal power plant, steel plant, non-ferrous metal smelter, aluminum smelter, cement plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, nitric acid plant, sulfuric acid plant, petrochemical plant, chemical fiber plant, industrial furnace, boiler, civil heating boiler, etc.