Type: Online UV-DOAS Biogas Monitoring System

Model No.:Gasboard-3500UV

Gasboard-3500UV is the new generation biogas monitoring system that primarily designed based on UV-DOAS technology to measure H2S concentration precisely before and after H2S scrubber, and extended with modular sensor of CH4 (NDIR), CO2(NDIR) and O2 (ECD) to realize online continuously monitoring of biogas quality without purging cycle required.
The 2 sampling channels design before and after scrubber enable it to provide an ideal solution to guarantee the H2S scrubber efficiency, protect downstream expensive equipment from the damage of overload H2S, minimized the investment for users and optimized the biogas monitoring process.

• Unique technology of UV-DOAS, NDIR and ECD combination.
• High & low range H2S measurement, switchable for points before and after scrubber.
• UV-DOAS H2S sensor with higher precision and longer lifespan.
• Continuous monitoring on CH4, CO2, H2S, O2 for optimized process control.
• Modular sensor design enables easy calibration and maintenance.
• Flexible gas conditioning configuration customizable to site requirements.
• Stainless steel protective cabinet to avoid corrosion in long term operation.
• Optional Ex-proof design applicable to safe or hazardous area.

Gas Technology Measurement Range Resolution Precision Repeatability
H2S UV-DOAS 0-500~5000ppm 1ppm ±2%FS ≤1%
CH4 NDIR 0-100% 0.01% ±2%FS ≤1%
CO2 NDIR 0-50% 0.01% ±2%FS ≤1%
O2 ECD 0-25% 0.01% ±2%FS ≤1%
Response Time T9060s
Gas Flow (0.7~1.2)L/min for measurement
Gas Pressure (2~50)kPa for measurement
Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz
Sample Gas Preparation
Water Remover Gravity dewatering tank with manual draining valve (Default)
Filter Gas/water separator with auto-draining valve (Default)
Sampling Channels 1-4 sampling channels customizable (Optional)
Heated Line Heated line for ambient temperature under 0°C (Optional)
Sampling Pump Sampling pump for low pressure condition (Optional)
Gas Cooler Vortex gas cooler for high humidity sample gas (Optional)
Mechanical Specifications
Enclosure Stainless Steel floor standing cabinet
Dimensions(mm) H1600 x W700 x D600
Ex-Proof Grade ExdIICT6(Analyzer)
IP Grade IP65
Weight 140kg
Analog 4-20mA output channel for each gas reading
Digital RS232/485 output with Modbus protocol
Alarms High & Low alarm relay output for each gas reading
Environment Conditions
Operating Temperature(°C) -15°C to +45
Operating Humidity 0-95%RH non-condensing
Environment Pressure 80-120kPa

Anaerobic Digester
H2S scrubber
Biogas Engine/CHP
Upgraded Bio-methane Gas
Landfill Site
Waste Water Treatment
Biogas Flare