Type: Online Biogas Analysis System

Model No.:Gasboard-3500

EX-proof Online Biogas Analysis System Gasboard-3500 is an online monitoring system with wall-mounted ex-proof enclosure, mainly used for continuous measuring CH4, CO2, O2, H2S in different biogas, landfill gas, biomethane gas applications. Modular sensor design enables easy maintenance. With flexible gas conditioning system, it could be used in tropical /cold regions. It consists of three parts: pretreatment unit, control unit and analysis unit. It can implement sampling, drainage and other operations automatically and achieve 24 hours unattended working conditions.

1. Ex-proof type applied to Zone 2 hazardous area.
2. Different solutions for raw biogas, high/low H2S, clean biogas, biomethane analysis.
3. Long lifetime 
H2S modular sensor with auto-air purge.
4. Auto diagnosis quickly check sensor malfunction.
5. Robust design against biogas corrosion.

Gas Technology Measure range Resolution Precision Repeatability
CH4 NDIR 0~100% 0.01% ±2%FS ±1%
CO2 NDIR 0~50% 0.01% ±2%FS ±1%
O2 ECD 0~25% 0.01% ±3%FS ±1%
H2S ECD 0~9999 ppm 1ppm ±3%FS ±1%
**Note: Measurement range can be defined as per request.
Response Time(T90) <15s(NDIR)
Warm-up 800s
Output RS232 & 4-20mA
Power supply 110~230VAC 50/60Hz
Mechanical specifications
Dimensions  H400 x W400 x D250 mm
Material Cast aluminium, IP 65
Ex-Proof Grade  ExdllCT6
Working conditions
lnlet gas flow 0.7~1.2L/min
lnlet gas pressure 2-50kPa
Ambient temperature 0℃ to 50℃
Relative humidity 5~85%RH non-condensing
Ambient pressure 86~108 kPa
 Wall-mounted lP65 cast aluminium cabinet for outdoor installation
 Stainless steel connectors for gas inlet, gas outlet, zero air inlet and drain ports
 Flame arresters at inlet and outlet ports for safety
 Flexible sampling & pre-treatment system for different site conditions

Landfill site
Waste water treatment
Bio-methane plant
CDM project
Anaerobic digestion
Other fermentation processes