Type: Online Automobile Emission Gas Analyzer

Model No.:Gasboard-5200

Gasboard-5200 automobile emission gas analyzer is developed based on the patented (ZL201710720122.1) micro-flow NDIR technology to detect NO, NDUV technology to detect NO2 , and quad channel NDIR technology to detect HC, CO, CO simultaneously. This model can auto calculate and display fuel ratio and support testing under user-specified operating condition(Steady-state working condition test, accelerated simulation working condition test),also can also be tested according to user-specified operating conditions.

1.Complied with OIML R99 Class 00 standard
2.Combined micro-flow NDIR, NDUV & quad channel NDIR technology
3.Simultaneous measuring CO, CO2, HC, O2, NO, NO2
4.Direct NO, NO2 measuring without NOx converter
5.Replacement of electrochemical NO
6.Auto temp. and pressure compensation
7.Multi-stage filtration system ensures longer lifetime
8.Optional oil temp. and tachometer

Gas Range Reading permissible error
Abs. error Rel. error
HC (0~2000)×10-6vol ±4×10-6 vol ±3%
(2001~5000)×10-6vol --- ±5%
(5001~9999)×10-6vol --- ±10%
CO (0.00~10.00)×10-2vol ±0.02×10-2vol ±3%
(10.01~14.00)×10-2vol --- ±5%
CO2 (0.0~16.0)×10-2vol ±0.3×10-2vol ±3%
(16.01~18.0)×10-2vol --- ±5%
NO (0~4000)×10-6vol ±25×10-6vol ±4%
(4001~5000)×10-6vol --- ±8%
NO2 (0~1000)×10-6vol ±25×10-6vol ±4%
O2 (0.0~25.0)×10-2vol ±0.1×10-2vol ±5%
Note: Whichever is larger
Resolution HC/NO/NO2:1ppm;CO2/CO/O2:0.01%;
Response time HC/CO/CO2:T90≤8S;NO/NO2:T90≤10S;O2:T90≤12S
Warm-up time 30 min
Communication RS~232/RS~485 digital output, Can connect with any model of Gasboard series automobile emission gas analyzer and opacity meter
Power supply AC100V~240V,50Hz±2%

• I/M Emission Testing Station
• Environmental protection department
• The third-party testing agency
• Automobile manufacturing plant
• Emission Control R&D Center
• Engine Certification Agency
• Research institution or laboratory