Type: NDIR Gas Bench

Model No.:Gasboard-2000

The Gasboard-2000 series NDIR gas bench is suitable for vehicle emission or exhaust gas measurement, which adopts the high-precision dual-beam non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas analysis technology with independent intellectual property rights, based on the characteristics of the specific wavelength absorption of gas molecules to measure the light absorption rate of each gas then detect the concentration. It meets the emission requirements of the latest national standard GB 18285, as well as the international standard ISO 3930 or OIML R99 Class I, Class 0 and Class 00 accuracy requirements, and is applicable to the measurement of engine exhaust gas composition fueled by gasoline, LPG, CNG diesel, etc. Cubic-Ruiyi has many years of experience in OEM/ODM supporting of Fortune 500 companies, which can meet the different needs of customer system development.

High precision dual-beam NDIR technology
Measurements of CO,CO2, HC simultaneously
Optional plug-in O2, NO sensor interface can be integrated into emission gas analyzer
Build-in Automatic constant temperature heating device
Automatic temperature and pressure correction
Modular design for easy integration & maintenance

Environmental protection department
Motor vehicle inspection station
Automobile manufacturing plant
Vehicle repair plant
Research institution or laboratory
The third-party testing agency